Tomorrow at The Ivy Bookshop – Maud Casey: The Man Who Walked Away

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Maud Casey: The Man Who Walked Away


Thursday, October 9, 2014 – 7:00pm

Join us at The Ivy Bookshop to hear Maud Casey discuss her newest novel.

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The Man Who Walked Away, loosely based on the case history of Albert Dadas, a psychiatric patient in the hospital of St. Andre in Bordeaux in the nineteenth century. The Man Who Walked Away imagines Albert’s wanderings and the anguish that caused him to seek treatment with a doctor who would create a diagnosis for him, a narrative for his pain.

In a trance-like state, Albert walks — from Bordeaux to Poitiers, from Chaumont to Macon, and farther afield to Turkey, Austria, Russia — all over Europe. When he walks, he is called a vagrant, a mad man. He is chased out of towns and villages, ridiculed and imprisoned. When the reverie of his walking ends, he’s left wondering where he is, with no memory of how he got there. His past exists only in fleeting images.

Maud Casey is the author of two previous novels, The Shape of Things to Come, a New York Times Notable Book, andGeneaology; and a collection of stories, Drastic. She is the recipient of the Calvino Prize and has received fellowships from the Fundacion Valparaiso, Hawthornden International Writers Retreat, Chateau de Lavigny, Dora Maar, and the Passa Porta residency at Villa Hellebosch. Casey teaches at the University of Maryland and lives in Washington, D.C.


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