Tone of Hogan Speech Was Bipartisan, But Dems Aren’t Singing Along With Tune

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The tone of Gov. Larry Hogan’s State of the State address to the legislature Wednesday was far more conciliatory than last year. But for many Democrats the tune was all too familiar, and they weren’t singing along.

Addressing the Democrat-controlled General Assembly, he used the word “together” 26 times and the word “bipartisan” six times in his half-hour speech. He talked about the legislators working with him and helping him, he challenged them “to put aside partisanship.”

“In the days ahead, I extend my hand to you – in cooperation and in devotion to our duty – and I ask each of you, and all Marylanders, to seek that middle ground where we can all stand together,” Hogan said. “Because together, we are stronger.”

“Thanks to your collaboration – we have begun to clean up the problems of yesterday. Now, let’s come together once again to take care of today’s challenges, and to provide for a brighter tomorrow.

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