After scoping online, visiting Spirit Halloween and Party City, and asking around, I’ve come up with a few costumes that I predict will be the top trends this October 31st. It’s only natural to feel the urge to dress up as Casey Anthony or Amy Winehouse. Don’t feel terrible if you think you’d enjoy walking around as the deceased singer with a scary syringe (fake of course!) hanging out of your arm and bottle of whiskey (perhaps a real one) in your hand. If you’re in the mood to act like a train wreck at least one day this year, nor can you go wrong with a “Jersey Shore” get-up.

Comic book characters always seem to be a hit as well, of course only when they come out as a movie. There’s bound to be a dozen dudes dressed as Green Lanterns, only wishing they had Ryan Reynold’s body. It will be the same story for Captain America (body by Chris Evans). Of course there are the classic mens’ costumes like Batman, the Joker, Han Solo, and Freddy Krueger. But they’ll be beat out by characters from this year’s hit movies like Harry Potter, the Green Hornet, Red Riding Hood, and Babydoll from Sucker Punch.

Never will you fail with vampires and werewolves, whether you dress up as a bad-ass from “True Blood” or a…questionable…one from The Twilight Saga (my guilty pleasure, okay?). Only when creativity fails, and time’s short: Remember the provocative (read sexy/tacky/revealing) route is paved in gold-glitter eye shadow. Any Halloween store or Party City’s going to be littered with a “Dirty” Cop, French Maid, or a Medieval Mistress. And I’d wager you’ll get more cheers than jeers.

Oh, wait, in closing, the persona that gets my top nod for a funny/timely look for women and men alike? Be Charlie Sheen this 2011 Halloween!