Top Stories: Goat Island for Sale, Cheap Lighthouse Near Baltimore for $15K, Mansion on Market in Roland Park

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The most popular story on our site this week may have looked like a spotlight on just any old piece of land on the market, but really, it was all about the goats. Bradshaw’s First Purchase has actually been up for sale for months, but it only recently grabbed Marylanders’ attention — and who can blame them? It’s a secluded 55-acre isle located right off of Smith Island on the shore, and it comes with a herd of about 30 goats.

The owner of the land told The Daily Times of Salisbury his parcel is known to locals as Goat Island, nevermind its actual formal name. Evidently, the island has a long history with goats, though this bunch is relatively new; the old herd was reportedly wiped out by a particularly rough winter two decades ago.

Whoever wants the land and its goats has to shell out $1.5 million. If that seems steep, just know that 10 years ago, the owners were asking $15 million.

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