Towson Professor Rabbi Freundel Accused of Voyeurism

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Rabbi Barry Freundel, an associate professor of religion at Towson University, was arrested at his Washington, DC home last Tuesday. Yesterday, as news of Freundel’s alleged voyeurism spread, the university announced that it is suspending him without pay due to “the serious nature of this matter.”

The matter in question involves a hidden camera disguised as a clock radio that Freundel allegedly set up in the ritual bath adjacent to his Georgetown synagogue, and which he allegedly used to secretly record women. (Freundel has pled not guilty.) According to the Towson Towerlight, Freundel invited a handful of Towson students to tour the synagogue and use the ritual bath. At least a half dozen took him up on that offer. So far, there’s no indication that the students were secretly recorded, but investigators told the Washington Post that they were just at the beginning of their investigation into Freundel.

Police told the Post that they’ve found videos of six women on Freundel’s computer–but they believe the voyeurism may go much further, involving “several locations and… the use of several devices and over a period of time.” The Post also noted that Freundel was investigated by the rabbinical board for inappropriate behavior back in 2012.

Towson University officials said that they did not know about Freundel’s synagogue/ritual bath field trips, and that they were unauthorized by the school.

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