Towson Student Skips Classes for Beyonce’s Birthday

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Beyonce's birthday
Via Twitter

Early Thursday morning, a Towson University student sent an email to her instructor with the subject line “Excused Absence.” This is what it contained:

“Good Evening Professor,

“I would like to inform you that I will not be in class today due to this holiday. On September 4, 1981 The Lord blessed us all with the Goddess that is Queen Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s birthday. Out of respect, I will not be attending class today, The Lords Day. For any further questions, feel free to contact me. Have a blessed day and remember, Beyonce Loves You so Bow Down.”

Best tweeted a screenshot of her email. The tweet has gone viral, and so has the (tongue-in-cheek?) movement to make September 4 a holiday:

Beyonce's birthday

Best told BuzzFeed why she takes Beyonce’s birthday so seriously:

“I love and respect Beyoncé so much. I’ve loved her for fifteen years! Her music, her work ethic, her success at such a young age. But what I love most about her is her humbleness. Throughout all of the success she still remains a well-grounded sweet country girl and has never become big headed. Because she gives her all which is 100000% EVERY TIME and because she is such a nice person, I will continue to defend & love her all day every day.”

More power to ya!

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