Towson U Considers Cutting Men’s Baseball and Soccer

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Towson University is considering putting two of its sports programs — men’s baseball and men’s soccer — on the chopping block after a recommendation by the athletics department. Hmmm. White nationalism on the rise, programs getting cut — sure smells like the economy hasn’t recovered yet!

But if Towson does decide to axe the programs, it won’t be a straight-up retreat. The University would use the $897,083 they’ll save to bring back men’s tennis and fortify its men’s lacrosse team and several women’s teams with more scholarships.

Look for a decision on the cuts by mid-November.

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  1. To me this is about land. That beautiful baseball diamond takes up a huge chunk of prime real estate that will no doubt soon be transformed into an admissions building and “entry feature” for the campus. And the soccer fields can become home to high rises, parking lots, and high rise parking lots.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jimbo. I’m under the impression that Towson still has women’s soccer and softball. If that’s true, do they use the same diamond and field for those sports?

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