Towson University Fraternity Members Arrested for Hazing

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via Baltimore County police

Two Towson University students were charged in a hazing incident that left another student hospitalized.

According to Baltimore County Police, Evan Francis and Alexander Cantor were arrested in connection with an event at the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house on Hillen Road.

During the March 31 event, a 19-year-old student who pledged the frat had to “perform strenuous workouts, recite knowledge of the fraternity and drink unknown substances,” police said. The student ended up in the hospital after becoming very sick after the incident, police said. Police did not conclude what the victim ingested, calling it only an “unknown caustic substance.” But CBS Baltimore previously reported that he ate cat food.

Francis, 21, was responsible for overseeing events and ensuring safety of the pledges.

Cantor, 21, also had oversight of the pledges and police allege he tried to cover up the frat’s role in the incident. Police allege that Cantor encouraged the student not to seek medical attention or talk about his injuries. He also arranged for the removal of TKA-related items from the student’s dorm while he was in the hospital.

TKE’s Towson University chapter was suspended through 2022 following the incident.

The frat brothers face charges of hazing and reckless endangerment. Francis was released on $35,000 bail, and Cantor was released on $50,000 bail.

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