Towson’s Teachers Tackle New Teaching Standards

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The new hot thing in the education world is Common Core State Standards — a movement to get all the diverse educational requirements across the United States aligned and consistent. (So far, 45 states have signed on; the holdouts are Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska, and Minnesota.) But as national standards change, that means teachers have to change, too — which is where Towson University’s new program steps in.

Towson’s College of Education is the state’s largest producer of teachers, so it makes sense that the first steps toward understanding how the new standards will impact schools is starting there. “The national model starts at Towson,” says Nancy Grasmick, the former Maryland state superintendent of schools and a Towson alumna, who will head the process.

The Common Core Standards Initiative is just one of four “Education Megatrends” that Towson’s new teachers will tackle; the others include other newfangled initiatives in the education world, like the revamped teacher and principal evaluation system, new national assessments, and data analysis.

“We have a year-long program planned that puts faculty first in understanding the new best practices to be used to educate future generations of PreK-12 teachers in how to implement these new standards,” said Grasmick. “They must have deep knowledge and understanding of the Common Core standards, national assessments, new teacher and principal evaluation systems, and the use of data for decision making.”

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