Photo via  Destiny Hartis / Baltimore Sun
Photo via Destiny Hartis / Baltimore Sun

Baltimore students are really good at picking out their prom kings and queens, as a story we posted yesterday proves. Another case in point: Digital Harbor High School elected Destiny Hartis as prom queen earlier this month, making her the first transgender prom queen in local memory, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Hartis, who began hormone therapy as a sophomore, helped start a diversity club at Digital Harbor. She was also on the cheerleading squad. “She’s always one to handle herself with pride and dignity, no matter what’s going on around her,” said Toni Bruce, Hartis’ former cheerleading coach. “I’ve been with this student since the 9th grade and now to see all that she’s accomplished, it’s inspiration even to me.”

(If you want to keep the good vibes flowing, I’d advise against reading the comments on the Sun’s article about Destiny.)

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  1. I hadn’t heard this story, but I’m really glad Fishbowl included it. Congratulations to her, and frankly, congratulations to the students for taking a stand — this is how hearts and minds grow and change!

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