St. John’s Parish Day School offers Transitional Kindergarten (TK) to successfully bridge the path from preschool to kindergarten. St. John’s Parish Day School, located in Ellicott City, is a co-ed Episcopal school for students in early pre-k through grade five. Transitional Kindergarten is aimed at students who turn five between May 1st and November 1st who could benefit from another year to strengthen the fundamental skills needed for success in kindergarten.

The small class size provides each student greater one-on-one time with instructors, making sure the personal educational interests and needs of each child are met. Lisa Cheuvront, Transitional Kindergarten teacher at the school, notes how TK students have many of the same specials classes (Spanish, technology, science, music, P.E., art) as kindergarteners but attend those classes for shorter periods of time and some as only half the class.

She also notes parents enroll their children in TK to have an additional year to mature socially, emotionally and academically. “By the end of the year, we see children’s self-confidence grow immensely,” she explains. “They grow in their ability to handle different social situations, the longer school days and in how they approach their school work whether it be individually, in small groups or as part of a whole class.”

Emily Parks

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