Presidential hopeful Donald Trump appeared on ABC’s This Week last night, and spoke to host George Stephanopoulos about his feelings about immigrants and immigration. It was… interesting.

As you’ve probably heard elsewhere, Trump supports building a huge, massively expensive wall between the U.S. and Mexico. When Stephanopoulos asked him how he’d execute  a massive border wall project (projects which, incidentally, have a fraught and troubled history worldwide), Trump said it was actually pretty simple: “management.” Stephanopoulos asked for more specifics, and Trump replied that he would simply “get great people who know what they’re doing.”

Trump also brought Baltimore into the conversation, noting on two separate occasions that some of “the most vicious” gangs in Baltimore and Ferguson “are illegals.” Perhaps Trump is referring to MS-13, a gang with many members of Central American origin, a group that has been much more active in the DC region than in Baltimore, and which has been “relatively quiet” since 2006, according to a state report. Or maybe he was just fear-mongering and displaying his total ignorance about what is actually going on in places like Baltimore and Ferguson.