Tuesday Healthy Eating Challenge: Explore Ancient Grains with Buffalo Quinoa Bowl!

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Buffalo Quinoa Bowl
Buffalo Quinoa Bowl

Relay Foods and Roland Park Elementary Middle School have teamed up for the Healthy Eating Challenge.  Tuesday’s Challenge:  Ancient Grains!

Travel the globe today as we learn more about ancient grains. From Mexico to Africa, there are good-for-you grains being grown all over the world!

Try this with your kids:  From vegetables to grains and fruit to legumes, there are a lot of healthy foods to enjoy! “Healthy” means something different for everyone. Talk about what the word healthy means to you with your class. Try to name a healthy food for each letter of the alphabet. Don’t forget to include a few ancient grains!

Try this at home: Ancient grains are rich in history as well as nutrients. Watch this video from Bob’s Red Mill to learn more about their stories. Then name three to five of your favorite grains and use what you learned in the video to help you color and label the region where they are grown on your healthy grains worksheet.

Get movin’: Grow tall, little grain! Try the triangle pose and stretch your arms up to the sky.

Try this recipe: The Buffalo Quinoa Bowl is a perfect way to introduce a new grain to your family at dinnertime. The hearty chunks of buffalo wing-style cauliflower sit atop quinoa and brown rice and are accompanied by all the traditional trimmings including blue cheese, scallions, celery, and ranch.

To make it even better, your purchase dollars can help RPEMS! Just place your order during the week of January 31-February 6 using the coupon code SUPPORTRPEMS or visit www.relayfoods.com/SupportRPEMS and the school gets 20%!


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