Two of a Kind?

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separated at birth

Is this the go-to outfit for Baltimore’s alleged criminals?

North Baltimore’s two most notorious residents, Molly Shattuck and Bishop Heather Cook, are wearing nearly identical outfits — down to their dangling crosses — in their widely circulated head shots.

Hat tip to one of our very astute readers for noticing and passing it along!

Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founder of Baltimore Fishbowl.
Susan Dunn

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  1. Are you kidding me?!?! TWO horrible crimes and you’re joking about their outfits?? Most tasteless thing I’ve ever read on Fishbowl.

    • Dear Mr. Boring: It is astute to compare and contrast, is it not? The CHURCH LADY and the SEX POT wearing the same clothes? It’s all manipulation of an image.

  2. Neither of the crimes these people are accused of committing is the least bit amusing, but since time immemorial, public ridicule has been part and parcel of public disgrace. It IS astute and it exposes the contrast of image and character that is inherent in both of these tragic stories.

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