Two Reasons Why Every Local Business Needs to Know How to do Facebook Advertising The Right Way

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Facebook reach and engagement is WAY down.  You know it’s true and it’s frustrating but Facebook is a Pay-to-Play platform.  Really? don’t get mad.  You didn’t really think you’d get free marketing forever, did you?  Ok, so now you’ve tried Boosting posts. But guess what?  That’s NOT the answer.  You may as well be flushing money down the toilet.

Creating the right TARGETING is the answer.  With targeting you can deliver an ad to anyone who has a birthday in the next month…even if they’re not a follower. You can target women who just got engaged or moms with children between the age of 8-10.  Or men who love golf.  Who do you want to be talking to about your business?  Imagine creating the right message to reach all of those customers to drive traffic to your store, service or e-commerce site.

At FACEBOOK ADVERTISING BOOTCAMP you’ll learn the exact steps to create those highly targeted audiences.  People who WANT to hear from you, who WANT your product or service and who want to support local businesses.


  • 5 Things Your Website Needs To Rank Higher On Google
  • How to Create Custom Facebook Audiences That Will Deliver The Right Message
  • Writing Copy and Choosing Graphics That Sell
  • How to Create Campaigns, Set a Budget & Write Copy That Drives Traffic
  • Creating Contests for Customer Engagement
  • Creating Video
  • Building Your Email List (Which You Should Always be Doing)
  • Plus, a List of The Tips and Tools The Professionals Use (Many of Them are Free)

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