2020 was a strange year, I think we can all agree, but 2021 is looking up – especially at Grace Preschool! January has been a special month at Grace. We were thrilled to welcome our newest group of little learners to the building.

The Twos class spent the first four months of the school year participating in socially-distanced, outdoor, school-sponsored play dates. Tuesday and Thursday mornings provided a time for our youngest students to feel comfortable at Grace. We have thought long and hard about what it must have been like for these children. Nothing has been quite normal for them. Playdates did not happen, babysitters were not on call for Friday nights, and, for most of them, Mom and Dad were with them all of the time. 

Parents did not have a normal start to sending their child to Preschool, either. Most of them were not able to come into the building for tours, so we knew that it might be difficult to go from a constant connection to a quick drop off at Preschool.  Weekly playdates seemed to be the best way to ease the transition for our Twos, as well as their caregivers!

Imagine their delight when their first day arrived- new backpacks, a brand new classroom, and new adventures to be had! Families gave big hugs before sending their little ones to class, and teachers were there to meet them with lots of love, warm smiles, and plenty of fun activities to keep everyone engaged. Teachers were happy to see new little faces, and to share all of the excitement and learning activities they’d been preparing for months. Families were excited for their little ones to begin their lifelong journey of learning, and to make a few friends along the way.

You may be wondering- “How do the parents stay engaged?” or “How do those little ones keep their masks on?”. The answer? It’s all about the learning curve. 

Families are kept up to date about what’s happening in class with the HiMama app, on which teachers can send messages and photos throughout the day. Families are not only kept in the loop through the app, but it has also helped to create after-school discussions with children, and enabled families to continue the learning at home. 

As for the masks, each child, even the Twos, wears one in school. It’s a learning curve for some, but, surprisingly, not as difficult as it may seem overall. Students are met with love and sensitivity for their needs, and teachers take every precaution to ensure their safety.

Twos classroom look like right now?”- you may ask. 

You’ll see a lot of individualized activities- large puzzles, imaginative play, art projects, blocks, and dinosaurs. (Yes, dinosaurs are a favorite!)  Students are masked, hands are washed, and materials are sprayed and wiped down multiple times each day. There is a lot of fun, audible giggles, and a pretty steady routine that is followed. We are most excited about the joy and excitement that radiates from the Twos’ classroom. Though the last year was a tricky one, we are proud to continue to keep alive the tradition of learning. The addition of our Twos class seems to be the icing on the cake, and we are so grateful to have them with us!

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