Uh Oh: We May Get 1 Inch of Snow Tomorrow

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1 inch of snow tomorrow
Ah, 2010. Photo by Concord.

The National Weather Service is predicting temperatures above freezing for the Baltimore region on Wednesday, but a fast-moving weather system may turn light rain into snow in the morning or early afternoon. WJZ says we could get as much as an inch of snow in the city.

In considering D.C.’s own position relative to this weather system, the Washington Post suggests that the higher-than-freezing temperatures predicted may prevent a replay of the conditions of Jan. 6. If Baltimore’s temperature forecast holds (currently a high of 35 degrees predicted by the National Weather Service), perhaps we can avoid the same.

Stay safe tomorrow, Baltimore!

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  1. It does seem silly shutting down the town for an inch of snow. But on Sunday morning it was 35 degrees and raining when countless cars ended up in dangerous and in some cases deadly collisions. Makes closing decisions for schools, etc. a tough call.

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