When I’m flying, I’m comforted to know that my seat bottom could be used as a flotation device. That is, until I realize that in the unlikely event of a plane crash on water my survival may depend on more than just that seat bottom, however buoyant.

I have a similar attitude about the 200 bulletproof whiteboards that University of Maryland Eastern Shore has decided to install in classrooms. The 18-by-20-inch teaching tools can be used by professors as shields in the event of a shooting.

The Maryland-based armor manufacturer began developing bulletproof classroom items — they also market bulletproof clipboards and backpack inserts — after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Hardwire’s George Tunis saw the role that instructors often played in these tragic situations: confronting shooters to buy time for their students, often sacrificing themselves in the process.

Tunis doesn’t claim his product takes the terror out of an active shooter situation. As far as he’s considered it’s a “last resort” that could “buy you some extra time.”

Let’s hope UM Eastern Shore wasted that $60,000.