Last week, Under Armour sponsored a Teacher Collaboration workshop at the Baltimore Design School (BDS), opened in 2011 primarily to provide opportunities for urban youth to pursue an experiential education in the fields of design. Author and motivational speaker Kevin Carroll, who has dedicated his life to advancing education, sports and play as a vehicle for social change and success – inspired BDS faculty and staff to continue their important work. His workshop focused on the learning power of storytelling and the importance and necessity of empowering the BDS community.


Baltimore Design School (BDS) is Maryland’s only school dedicated to preparing middle and high school students for careers in design, offering classes in the disciplines of Fashion Design, Architecture and Graphic Design. A combined middle and high school within Baltimore City Public Schools, it is one of a handful of public design schools in the country and the only one to incorporate middle school. It provides an innovative model in which design and creative problem-solving pervades and informs all aspects of the rigorous curriculum. BDS graduates will be primed to become designers and architects who see design as a way of living an ethical, productive, and rewarding life.

BDS is designed to enact a specific curriculum, increase effectiveness of school leadership, leverage community resources, and provide operational flexibility and support. It is overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

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