Universities Unleash Students’ Inner Entrepreneur

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Johnetta Hardy, Director of the Merrick School of Business. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Johnetta Hardy is a woman on a mission. She believes there is an entrepreneur inside everyone and not just business students. She talks about the entrepreneurial skill set, which she thinks can be learned.

Hardy was named director of the University of Baltimore’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in August. With the backing of the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of BusinessDean Darlene Smith, under whose aegis the center operates, she is expanding the center’s workshops, adding more entrepreneurs on site to mentor students and making the center’s programs accessible throughout the school. 

“Dean Smith wants to open the door to entrepreneurship,” says Hardy, a former small business owner herself.

The University of Baltimore (UB) is by no means alone in its effort to focus on entrepreneurship. Last fall, the University of Maryland, Baltimore Countyinitiated a minor in interdisciplinary entrepreneurship. Before, such courses had been non-credit. Towson University’s College of Arts and Communication now has a course in entrepreneurship. Its College of Health Professionals is planning the same. Morgan State Universitystarted an entrepreneurship major in the business administration department this year.

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