Earlier this month, the University of Oklahoma expelled the SAE fraternity after video surfaced of frat members (and a house mother!) enthusiastically singing a racist chant. Now the latest fraternity to come under scrutiny is the University of Maryland’s Kappa Sigma chapter, where a fraternity brother reportedly sent a ridiculously racist, sexist, and profane email.Here’s a sanitized excerpt of the email in question, via the Huffington Post:

Regardless of the rush shirt let’s get rachet as f*** during rush week. My d**k will be sucked and f***ed in compound basement whether you guys like it or not. Don’t invite any n****r gals or curry monsters or slanted eye chinks, unless they’re hot. Ziggy you’re [sic] girl can come she’s cool. Remember my n***as, erect, assert, and insert, and above all else, f*** consent … d**ks untouched.

And remember, this is only an excerpt. Yikes.

The language here is just so awful that it almost seems like a parody of the worst frat guy ever. But apparently it was legitimate enough that the guy who sent it has since been suspended from the frat “pending investigation” (he then resigned).

“The language and views expressed in the email were inexcusable and are in stark contrast to the values of Kappa Sigma Fraternity,” the frat’s leadership wrote in a statement. “They are counter to everything Kappa Sigma stands for.”

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  1. is there any evidence that the fraternity endorsed or condoned the email? The article points to the contrary. Therefore, why report the name of the fraternity? Why put its crest as an image on your post? Why did you only mention the University of Maryland once, but the fraternity. Let’s not tar & feather an entire organization over the misguided (but totally legal) rant of one idiot member.

    Would you want your most valued membership association to be dragged through the mud by the biggest mistake any ONE member of that organization ever made?

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