Unlicensed Cab Driver Shoots, Robs Customer in Druid Hill Park Just Before ‘Ceasefire’ Begins

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Druid Lake Reservoir.

In case you haven’t heard, Baltimore is now in the middle of a 72-hour spell of no shooting, no killing. Last night, a “hack” cab driver shot one of his customers in the city limits, cutting it real close to the start of the three-day anti-gun violence event.

Officers responded to an area hospital at 11:14 p.m. for a walk-in shooting victim. The man, 37, had been shot in the chest.

Detectives learned he’d taken a ride from a “hack” taxi driver, or an unlicensed cab. In a scary twist, the driver drove his patron into Druid Hill Park, robbed him of cash and his cell phone and shot him.

Fortunately, police said this morning that he’s in stable condition.

The shooting happened less than an hour before the three-day stop in shootings was set to begin. The campaign, organized by 44-year-old community mediator Erricka Bridgeford and friends, was crafted to halt the violence in Baltimore, if even just for a weekend.

Given Baltimore’s grim reputation for crime – the city has logged 208 homicides so far this year – the idea has drawn national attention.

“We want to purposefully just have a pause and a sacred space where everybody’s intention is that nobody gets killed,” Bridgeford told Reuters.

In an interview with City Paper‘s Lisa Snowden-McCray, Bridgeford acknowledged that the effort may not actually stop everyone who regularly totes a gun from firing it. “We know that there are so many systematic reasons that people get killed, that this thing might not make people actually not do it,” she said.

But she said regardless of what happens, the event has already been a success in terms of generating awareness of the up-close-and-personal implications of gun violence. Plus, people are coming together. CP reports that if there are any killings, the organizers will donate money they’ve collected to the family members of anyone killed.

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