Heather Mizeur
Heather Mizeur

If you’re a Maryland Democrat, you’re probably thinking about running for U.S. Senate this week. Barbara Mikulski’s decision to step down from her seat — and former Gov. Martin O’Malley’s subsequent decision not to run — has created a free-for-all among donkeys. We gave an initial rundown earlier this week, but here’s an update with a few new faces that have emerged.

On Wednesday, Chris Van Hollen became the first candidate to officially get in the race. The much-expected announcement by the Congressman from Central Maryland in turn set off speculation that Chris Matthews’ wife, Kathleen, would run for his seat in the House. Every other Maryland Congressman – save Steny Hoyer – has also been mentioned as a potential candidate. Like we said: free-for-all.

Some other names being tossed around:

Heather Mizeur The progressive state delegate and one-time gubernatorial candidate acknowledged talk that she might run with a Facebook post on Wednesday. She showed an online CBS Baltimore poll that put her atop a field of pols likely to run for the seat in response to the question of who should run for Mikulski’s seat. Mizeur hasn’t made a decision, yet, however, saying she is giving the decision “serious reflection and discernment.” Progressives have been leaning toward Donna Edwards, which could complicate

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend The former lieutenant governor told the Washington Post she is thinking about a run. “I have always wanted to serve the people of Maryland,” she said. Kennedy Townsend’s appeal begins with her last name. She also has experience in statewide races, and has the benefit of not being just another Congressman looking for a promotion.

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