Victory to Change at the Creative Alliance

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Creative Alliance is known around town for their incredibly thought-provoking, creative, eclectic events.  They find the hidden artistic gems in our city and generously put them on display for us.  Baltimore-based filmmaker, Gregory Marsh, brings us the story of Victory for Change, a documentary about two Indian women fighting for the rights of the marginalized in Indian society.  The untouchables, women and children are often neglected, and Marsh felt compelled to bring light to those who work for the betterment of others. This Thursday, check out a screening of this powerful film, followed by a panel discussion with Elizabeth Alex from Casa Maryland, Aida Pinto-Baquero from Mis Raices, Sawsan Al Sayyab of International Rescue Committee, and members of Baltimore Women’s Forum, a monthly dialogue group of refugee women, including Mary Kinyoli of Kenya, and Nidaa Haseeb of Iraq.

From the film’s Indiegogo page:
“Victory to Change” is nothing short of a revolutionary statement in traditional societies. The freedom of change is rooted in a belief in the inherent dignity and worth of every human being and in the recognition of inalienable human rights which supercede the demands of authority and tradition.

To affirm and assert one’s rights, including first and foremost the right to change one’s circumstances and station in life, [is to take part in a revolution in thinking that has been playing out throughout human history].

Victory to Change is both a celebration of that revolutionary spirit and a call to action.”

Thursday March 7, 2013

Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore MD

To be inspired to help others help themselves, and learn about the wonderful people in the world doing challenging work each day to better our global society.

$12 for nonmembers, $7 for members.

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