Video Shows Baltimore Police Pulling Man Out His Front Door, Charges Dropped

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via Facebook/ Omc Ant
via Facebook/ Omc Ant

Baltimore police actions during an arrest were back on the radar in mid-April this week, as a video showing a confrontation at a man’s front door in East Baltimore went viral.

The video, which was posted over the weekend on Facebook, showed police pulling an 18-year-old out of his front door. From inside the house, the video begins as police are standing at the front door, asking to speak to the owner. Police apparently wanted to search the house, but the man, identified as Tionne Jones said they couldn’t without a warrant.

“This is my house,” Jones says.

“That doesn’t matter,” the officer replies.

Another officer then arrives as backup, and Jones is pulled out the door and onto the sidewalk, where the video continues. He is seen being arrested.

The charge was reported as disorderly conduct, but the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office dropped it.

Police told Buzzfeed that they approached because an officer saw Jones trying to enter the house from the back. It was Jones’ family home, and he was going through the back because the door was locked.

Adding another dimension, the mother of the man who filmed the incident is a former Baltimore police officer.

“I wore the uniform, I did this job, but I treated people as humans,” she told the Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Rector.

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