Baltimore County’s elections director expects half the people who will vote in the county this fall will do it by mail.

The county so far has received more than 123,000 applications for a mail-in ballot from its 560,000 eligible voters, according to Katie Brown, the county elections board director.

She said about 30,000 of those 123,000 applications have yet to be processed because there is a backlog.

If you send in the application, you will get your mail-in ballot around the first week of October.

In order to cut down on long lines during early voting and on Election Day, election officials are encouraging people to vote by mail the old fashioned way or by using a designated drop off box.

So what if you live in the city and accidentally drop your ballot in a Baltimore County box?

At an election town hall Wednesday, Brown told county legislators that localities swap those ballots. She said that happened during the June primary.

“I would have someone take them daily or the city would come here and pick them up because they would get some of our ballots and we would hand off to each other.”

Baltimore County will have 43 drop boxes at various sites. Security guards will be posted at each.

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