Want To Live In Ruxton? This Brown House Awaits Your Touch

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Hot House: 7530 Bellona Avenue, Ruxton, MD 21212


Colonial-type house, wood frame with cedar shingles, asphalt roof, circa 1920 –remodeled 2010. Three bedrooms, 3 baths, 2,450 sq. ft. over two levels, with unfinished basement. Open plan living-dining-kitchen, rear wall-of-windows, private master suite, large two story deck, hardwood floors, central a/c.  Private backyard with two car garage: $489,000


bellona:front rendering

What: Ruxton has some gorgeous and pricey real estate, but this ain’t it. This is the Ruxton bargain basement. And yet ….. as this artist’s rendering demonstrates (in case imagination fails), a new coat of paint could work wonders. Inside, it’s not too bad, with good light and a decent backyard except for the darn Light Rail. Clean and newish bathrooms. We may never know why the garage has a large blank space above it, or why the distinctly undersized bay window was placed off-center, or what that weird cut out in the roof is supposed to be. But we know one thing: It would all look better painted a nice greenish gray, with white garage doors, prettier windows and a red front door.


Where: Right at the bottom of Bellona Avenue, between the gas station and the historic African-American Gothic church. There is a dangerous (but fun to drive) curve in the road right here. The house is close to the road, hidden by a hedge, and you can feel the breeze as cars zoom by. It is not an ideal location. The Light Rail runs behind the house. Technically, you could walk to Graul’s, but it would be at the risk of your life. You’d be better off walking out the back door,  across the tracks, and into the quiet woods of the park still known as Robert E. Lee in about three minutes.

Who: Buyers extremely anxious to get their foot in the door in Ruxton.

Why: Nothing says you’re on your way like a Ruxton address!

Why Not: Lying awake at night, waiting for the headlights rounding Bellona at 50 mph to crash into your bedroom.

NB: May be in a flood plain. Check map.



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