Was the Grand Prix Too Heartpounding? Try an Ice Cream Competition

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Too late to join the mac ‘n’ cheese competition? There’s still an opportunity to show off your food skills. Local musicians Lexie Mountain and Dan Deacon have organized the First Annual Baltimore Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Championship, to take place on Sunday, where amateur ice cream makers will compete for three separate prizes through three rounds of “extreme judging,” whatever that means.

If you love ice cream, but making it yourself sounds like too much work, get there on time and sign up to be a taster (limited spots available). You’ll get to sample every ice cream and vote on one of the evening’s three awards.

But be warned, you’re likely to see some “ambitious” flavor combinations in the competition. So if you’re a taster, you may have to take the good with the… uh… “creative.”

The event takes place Sunday, September 11 at 7pm in the back lot of the Current Gallery. Admission is $2. For more information, visit the facebook event page.

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