Get a jump on the laziness of the weekend bringing vintage stereograms into the twenty-first century (at least into the late nineties) by turning them into animated GIFs. The New York Public Library recently uploaded more than 40,000 stereograms from their archives, and they’ve set up a web application that allows users to create two-frame animations out of them. You could even choose to create a red/cyan 3-D image, but you have to have the right glasses for that.

Seriously this is more fun than you might guess, as you get to tweak the overlay of the two closely angled images (originally intended to be viewed through a stereoscope for a 3-D effect) until they slow down their wiggle just enough to bring the picture to life — to weird, shaky life.

Enoch Pratt, let’s do something like this! If you don’t have stereograms, maybe we could animate those portraits of the many Lords Baltimore that hang in the central branch. The first Lord Baltimore could morph into the second Lord Baltimore, and then into third Lord Baltimore, and so on. Just an idea.