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Though Greenspan’s album “Never Gon Die” came out back in 2016, a video for the song “Indie” dropped this week on hip-hop news site OkayPlayer.

Some things are worth the wait.

Following a sharply dressed Greenspan and singer Christen B in a sparkling black dress as they cruise around East and West Baltimore in a vintage Lincoln, the video manages to meld the Jazz Age heyday with everyday scenes from the modern city, creating a beautiful portrait of Baltimore as home. Between these shots director Angel Kristi Williams layers in images of African-Americans in formal wear, both retro and current.

Similarly, the song itself blends jazz, rap and R&B into something that feels recognizable and fresh at the same time.

“‘Indie’ has everything to do with individuality and pride,” Greenspan tells OkayPlayer. “In being proud of who we are, we realize that each of us has something special and extraordinary to bring to the table.”

The imagery abruptly shifts as a different jack, “King’s Night Out,” comes on and there are scenes of flashing police lights and people on the streets.

“The idea behind it is that Baltimore isn’t this homogenous place,” Greenspan tells OkayPlayer. “Depending on whether you’re in west or east Baltimore and what neighborhood you’re in, your experience of the city can be completely different.”

Whether you first heard “Indie” in 2016 or coming to the song for the first time, this video is worth a few viewings.

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