Watch Two Cars Fall into the 26th St. Landslide

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Sinkhole begins to swallow cars on 26th Street
via Fox 45

“Pretty traumatic” is how one Charles Village resident described watching “the ground open up” and swallow his car yesterday afternoon. The sinkhole (or landslide or whatever it should rightly be called) occurred on East 26th Street between Charles and St. Paul. The south side of the street caved in when the retaining wall that separates 26th from CSX tracks below gave out at 3:47 p.m., perhaps a result of the massive rainfall that Baltimore has seen the last two days. Despite claiming 10 cars, a few street lights, a wrought-iron fence, and a sidewalk in a spectacular — if localized — disaster, no one was injured.

As some residents wait to learn when they will be allowed back in their homes after a forced evacuation and others scrutinize their car insurance agreements, and yet others clear debris off of the railroad tracks, let’s take a look at some of the dramatic footage from the incident.

The following two short videos don’t capture the Michael Bay-level carnage and chaos; each one shows a single vehicle as it teeters on the edge of the sinkhole and then, suddenly, falls in. Watch, if you enjoy wincing.


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