Loyola Water Polo Players Storm Pool After Big Win

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Members of the water polo team at Loyola Blakefield stormed the pool after the team beat rival Calvert Hall, 13-5, on Wednesday.

The news made it onto the Sports Illustrated website, which put the hijinks into context:

“It’s like storming the court after beating the No. 1 seed,” it reads.  

But one mom was none too pleased with the stunt. In the comments, polomom1 writes: 

“These kids not only jumped in the pool but on top of the opposing team members. One boy was pushed under by his head. This was an extreme lack of disrespect and a display of unsportsmanlike conduct. The coach did nothing to prevent it and put the opposing team members at risk. It is appalling that this is being shown as a good thing or team spirit.”

Guessing the commenter is a Calvert Hall mom.

See the SI coverage, here.


Susan Dunn

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