Week in Review: 10 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed

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    IMG_4367Baltimore is changing. Do you know where you’ll end up when the music stops? It’s the Week in Review for March 20-27.

    “Two Baltimores” chronicler D. Watkins returned to Slate with an essay on the “New Baltimore.” Robert O’Brien looked at the commentary that arose in other corners of the Web.

    Baltimore is among the richest and poorest cities. Rachel Monroe ponders who that leaves in the middle.

    David Simon announced a new HBO show, and got to interview Obama. Not a bad week.

    A must read: A local mom wrote about her son’s journey through ADHD diagnosis, and the medicine that followed.

    A local lacrosse dad has seen the sport’s “machine” churn around the country. He issued a call to improve the game.

    Restauranteur Tony Foreman talked about his first job, and the babies in his litter of local eateries in this week’s Big Fish.

    The Republicans’ branding of the “Rain Tax” worked! Marylanders don’t like it, and have no idea what it is, either.

    The Patriots pulled out the tricks against the Ravens in the playoffs. One of them is now illegal in the NFL, and we don’t mean the balls.

    If you’re dreaming of spring, picture yourself in the vast barns, stables and ponds at Deer Park Farm.

    And if you’re looking to pull something off a giant boat this weekend, consider using someone else’s truck.

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