Week in Review: 10 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed This Week

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Inside the Washington Monument cornerstone.
Inside the Washington Monument cornerstone.

It may be frozen outside, but Baltimore is sprouting upscale fast food and artifacts. It’s the Week in Review:

It was cold to begin the week, and it’s still cold heading into the weekend. Rachel Monroe provides the best ways to keep things bearable during the arctic blast in Baltimore. They don’t even involve whiskey (unless you want them to).

If you feel like being one with the cold, go stand in line at the new Shake Shack this weekend.

In a bid to keep ghost mall status far away, The Shops at Kenilworth are about to be renovated by new owners once they take over this spring.

The memory of McDonogh High grad Will Hauver inspired a new viral campaign: The Egg Crack Challenge.

West Virginia’s fiery train explosion put the dangers of oil on the rails in focus. Laurel Peltier looks at whether the trains could be bringing the ticking timebombs to Baltimore.

The Washington Monument had another secret in the depths. Crews found a second time capsule that’s 200 years old in the museum’s cornerstone. It contained glass jars with newspapers from 1815 inside. And they still haven’t opened the jars.

Check out this spectacular 1850 townhouse just off Patterson Park. It’s for sale.

Muffy Fenwick recounts a post-graduation trip that taught her about love.

Despite all the suburban wealth, Baltimore remains among the poorest cities in the country.

Beth Adams is a working mom that helps working moms spend more time with their families.



Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Technical.ly Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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