Week in Review: 10 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed

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Photo by Elinor Cahn
Photo by Elinor Cahn

Spring in Baltimore means baseball, lacrosse and, yes, a little nostalgia never hurt. It’s the Week in Review for April 3-10.

Baltimore’s name continues to get out, and there weren’t even any Wire mentions involved. Julie Bowen of Modern Family is looking to get the brand out there.

Oprah also stopped through, and endorsed Pappas’ crab cakes.

The city’s many walkable neighborhoods put us in the company of other big cities.

Meanwhile, the city’s new water shutoff policy is earning comparisons to Detroit.

And another podcast will put the radio spotlight back on Adnan Syed’s case.

In Hampden, the Rotunda is coming together. A bunch of new stores were named this week.

Rachel Monroe found some transporting Baltimore photos from the 1970s.

Cynthia McIntyre¬†found the best sleeping porch in Baltimore. The rest of the house isn’t bad either.

If you haven’t read Cynthia McIntyre’s tale of a Baltimore lacrosse stick’s journey home, go read it now.

And if you want to see what the lax bros are up to these days, check out Mo Rocca’s story on Boys’ Latin.

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