The second week of Yeardley Love’s murder trial began yesterday with testimony from the medical examiner in the case who said that Love had bruises on her body, marks on her neck and chin, a swollen eye and a cut on her lip, The Washington Post reports.

In other developments in the case, last Friday, prosecutors brought into evidence the door that George Huguely kicked through to enter Love’s apartment the night of her death.  Though few pictures of the door have been made available, a Washington Post video shows an artist’s rendering of the door with the gaping hole in it (door shows at about 1:30 in the video).  

A Baltimore Sun story, posted Friday night, practically transcribes the video presented in court that day of George Huguely’s initial interview with police. It reveals for the first time, the lacrosse player’s version of events and his recollection of what transpired that night.

The trial is expected to last through the week and possibly extend into the weekend.