Weekly Wellness Tip – Seated Leg Extensions vs Squats + Turkey Fried Rice

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Weekly Wellness Tip:

Seated Leg Extensions vs Squats
unnamed-2The goal of the leg extension machine is to work your quadriceps, however, all the load is on the far end of your leg near the ankles. This places a tremendous amount of torque on your knee, which can potentially cause injury to ligaments and cartilage in the knee.


If you are not trying to “body build”, a safer and more functional exercise is the squat (think getting on and off the toilet) . The squat also uses more muscles than the leg extension machine and can result in tighter, stronger knee ligaments. Just make sure you use proper form and only go as low as is comfortable for your knees and hips.

Recipe of the Week:

Create a low-carb, big flavor dinner when you replace rice with cauliflower in this Turkey Fried ‘Rice’ recipe. Click for Recipe. (personal note from Baltimore Fishbowl – this looks amazing!)

Quote of the Week:

“… it only takes a smile to make a day better.”

–       Paulo Coelho






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