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According to Google autocomplete, Baltimore is bad, dangerous, poor, and ghetto. Turns out you can do the same thing with Yahoo autocomplete and get slightly different — and even more entertaining/insulting — results. Who knew that apparently thousands of people were searching Yahoo for “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people”?!

Internet artist Keir Clarke has taken the best autocompletes and made an interactive world map out of them; it’s worth a few minutes of your Friday, at least. It’s got some heartbreakers (“The Pacific Ocean is dying,” “Greenland is melting”), some headscratchers (“Angola is in which country,” “Sweden is not overpowered,” “Oklahoma is closed”), and some schadenfreude for us Baltimore residents.

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And if we in Baltimore are fated forever to be called “ghetto,” well, at least we’re not ugly, like DC and Philly.

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