Wes Moore Named CEO of Prominent New York Foundation

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Wes Moore (via Robin Hood)

Wes Moore is an Army veteran, Rhodes scholar, author, TV host and social entrepreneur. Yesterday, he added Robin Hood to his resume.

The 38-year-old Baltimore native will be the next CEO of the Robin Hood foundation, which the New York Times notes is “a favorite charity of Wall Street.” With a board that is filled with prominent business leaders, the foundation is focused on fighting poverty in New York.

According to Bloomberg, Moore’s upbringing in the Bronx gave him firsthand knowledge of the conditions he is trying to change.

A gifted speaker who considered running for mayor in last year’s race, Moore has hosted TV shows, worked with Oprah and written books including The Other Wes Moore and The Work. His background also has a mix of business and public service. He spent time in finance following his stint as a paratrooper in Afghanistan. He was also a White House Fellow. Most recently, he founded BridgeEdU, a social enterprise looking to help students with their first year of college. He’ll step aside as CEO, but remain chairman.

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“Wes is the perfect culture carrier to continue our tradition,” Robin Hood cofounder Paul Tudor Jones said in a statement.

Along with providing resources directly, Moore told Bloomberg that part of Robin Hood’s role is “to be a convener, the secretary of the future.”

So what does that mean for Baltimore? It was a big deal when he moved back here. Moore told the Baltimore Sun that he and his family will still be in Baltimore after he starts the job this summer, adding that he just bought a new house in the city.

“I’m committed to the success of Baltimore, I always have been and I always will be,” Moore told the Sun.

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  1. Super cool! I do hope that he will keep his homefront in Baltimore, as I hate to lose him to the Big Apple. After all, there are plenty of families here where one spouse/parent works in another city, but they continue to keep their HQ here in Bmore, because we love our city!! Congrats to Wes — much deserved!

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