West Virginia Coach’s Daughters Call Dez Wells ‘A Rapist’

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Dez Wells (via Terrapin Station)
Dez Wells (via Terrapin Station)

West Virginia not only beat Maryland in heartbreaking fashion to end their season and KO’d the team’s best player. The coach’s daughters added a few insults.

Amid WVU’s full court press, Jenna Leigh and Jacqueline Huggins, daughters of West Virginia Head Coach Bob Huggins, took to the Twitter arena to bring up an old rape allegation against Maryland guard Dez Wells. The case against Wells – which stemmed from an allegation that led the guard to be kicked off the Xavier basketball team — was thrown out in Ohio. But apparently it’s still admissible in West Virginia.

Both tweets were deleted, but they’ve been preserved by others. When a Jewish Maryland fan was shown on the screen at the arena, Jenna Leigh tweeted this:


Jacque Huggins tweeted: “Hey #Maryland, yell “airball” at Wan all you want, because at the end of the day…Dez is still a (expletive) rapist.”

Apparently, the Tweets reflected the mood inside the arena.



Wells had his own response:

Stephen Babcock

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