We’ve Been Nominated for a Mobbie

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new-mobbies-2013-VOTE-top What’s a Mobbie?  Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs, as determined by The Baltimore Sun readers.  We’ve been nominated in the categories of Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Community Blog.  Not exactly a Pulitzer, but, hey, it’s always nice to get noticed.

Unfortunately, it’s a page view contest from here.  We’re supposed to ask all of you to vote for us over at The Baltimore Sun website, thereby driving traffic to The Sun.  Soliciting for votes isn’t really in the Baltimore Fishbowl DNA, so we’re too embarrassed to ask…but if you really want to vote for us, well, it’s a free country and we can’t stop you. So here’s the link:  http://data.baltimoresun.com/mobbies/2013/

Thanks to whoever nominated us! And if you do go over to The Sun’s website and cast a vote for us, thanks for that too.

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