What to Do While You Wait for the Hurricane

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I have never felt so fully aware of a storm as I am of Frankenstorm Sandy, thanks to the constant barrage of fear-inducing messages from every news company and social media venue. But now that school’s been cancelled all over Baltimore, I realized that the kind of hurricane prep that involves stockpiling peanut butter and toilet paper neglects one very important thing:  what are you going to do when you’re stuck at home all day? Some suggestions:

Bummed that school got cancelled? You can recreate the experience from the comfort of your own bed with Coursera, the free online education platform that offers classes from Johns Hopkins, the University of Maryland, and, like, Princeton or whatever. I’m in the middle of a Modern Poetry class and it rules. Apparently Dick Durbin is one of my classmates.

Cook something complicated:  homemade smores, dumplings from scratch, apple pie, DIY candy corn — who cares, really, as long as it’ll take several hours and provide you sustenance in the coming apocalypse — sorry, we mean “hurricane.”

Obsessively follow hurricane updates via Twitter/Facebook/weather.com. It seems to me as though everyone’s already used up all their best hurricane jokes, but who knows — sometimes people surprise you.

GAMES! A classic option. My favorites these days are Settlers of Catan (of course), Spot It!, and cribbage. Choose your poison.

Prep your Halloween costume, OCD style. I know that last weekend was the main going-out option for grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend your free time today hand-embroidering your Big Boyz Bail Bond pen costume.

Devise your own hurricane-themed cocktail. You might want to try a few Dark & Stormys for inspiration.

Or just stand in the corner and scream! But in all seriousness, stay safe Baltimore — and make sure to ration that bottled water.

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