What to Leave Off Your Resume: Tips from the Towson Career Center

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What to leave off your resume - tips from the Towson Career CenterMaybe you’re a newly minted grad on the hunt looking for a summer job, or perhaps you’re just someone who hasn’t updated her resume in way, way too long — in any case, a few resume tips are always in order. These come straight from Lorie Logan-Bennett (via Business News Daily), who heads up the Career Center at Towson University. While most career counselors spend a lot of time telling you what you should fill up that one page with, Logan-Bennett gives some much needed advice as to what you should skip:

(1) Incorrect contact information. Duh, right? But this is one that too many people get tragically wrong… and it’s the one that people spend the least time proofreading. As Logan-Bennett notes, the whole point of the resume is to get you an interview — so a mis-typed phone number or other “minor typos in this section of the résumé have major consequences.”

(2) Useless information. Consider what your potential employer wants or needs to know about you — and leave everything else off. It’s great that you worked at an ice cream shop for a few months 10 years ago — but the person making hiring decisions at the non-profit of your dreams probably doesn’t care. Same goes for minor academic interests and most of what happened in high school.

(3) Excessive information. You’re selling yourself, yes — but also remember that most resumes are only going to get the briefest glance. Boil it down to the most important, useful, and relevant info. This is not the time and place for clutter.

(4) Hurtful information. If your GPA is low, don’t list it. If you’ve had six jobs in the past six months, don’t list that either. Don’t lie — but don’t give HR people a reason to toss you in the “no way” pile, either.

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