Where Ravens Fans Huddle in Heels

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“Why don’t women get a football fan-page too?”

When I think of a Ravens game (which I don’t often do), I imagine 40-somethings adding Budweiser to their beer guts around a grill in the stadium parking lot, or some guy covered in purple paint beating his chest. I’ve always considered football, like baseball and any other sport short of field hockey or dressage, largely a man’s game – for both the players and the fans. Some part of me knew that was stupid, but it wasn’t until today, when I went onto this new website bmorechix.com, that that bit of ignorance was fully slapped out of me.

The website is basically a Ravens fan-page for women. It’s got a staff of about 20 writers, all female, who write about everything from good sports-watching meal recipes to reflections on dead friends. I think my favorite thing about the website is how loose it is with its articles – they’re about football but also a lot more. Their writer Krys Renzi puts it well when she says:

“Bmore Chix embraces the much larger picture that women have of football. It’s about the pregame tailgate recipes, the fan gear, the fan-inspired rituals, the purple-friendly local watering holes, the away-game destinations, taking pictures, the social networking and it is about the Baltimore community that our team and fans support.”

It’s also, of course, a little bit about money, and I think they may be onto something there. Considering that women make about 73 percent of all purchasing decisions, a female targeted fan site can be pretty lucrative. Bmore Chix still has the fan gear and beer ads like any other fan-site, but they sell glittery iPhone covers and “Chick” six-packs.

It’s a good site and looks like it’s around to stay, so if you’re a jockette, a Ravens fan-girl, or just interested in some new perspectives on Baltimore’s team, definitely check it out.


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