Where Will Baltimore’s Recent Grads Be In Ten Years?

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In the next few weeks, thousands of Baltimore area seniors will head off to college and begin the journey to adulthood. Where will they go? What will they do?  We asked area seniors where they think their lives will lead them and where they think they will be in ten years.



 “In ten years, I will be living just outside of Portland Maine, working at a small scale investment firm. I will spend my weeks working hard, but on the weekends, it will be all play. I will go hiking, swimming, and skiing as much I humanly can. As soon as I I have enough money, I will buy a boat, and a small cabin on a lake.” – Matt Collins ’11, Friends School, Class of 2011; Bowdoin College, Class of 2015



“I consider myself a news junkie.   During high school I checked on the news constantly.  CNN and Baltimore Sun are web sites I checked multiple times throughout the day.  In the spring semester of my senior year at Bryn Mawr, I did an internship at ABC2 news and got a taste of what working in a newsroom is like. I love the world of news because the action never stops.  There will always be something significant in the world to report on and that’s why I want to be a reporter.  This Fall I’ll be attending Elon University, studying Communications with a focus on radio and television broadcasting.  In ten years my goal is to be a leading reporter at a local news station.  So remember the name Julia Denick, because in a few years I might be reporting your news.” -Julia Denick, Bryn Mawr School, Class of 2011; Elon University, Class of 2015



 “Ten years from now, I hope to have completed college and received a master’s degree in astrophysics.  I also hope to be living in Geneva, Switzerland working in a physics lab discovering new things everyday and loving it!  I also hope to be able to travel to different labs all over the world to either learn from others, or assist others.”  – Catherine Stanley, Hereford High School, Class of 2011; Washington College, Class of 2015




In ten years I plan to be a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. working in a hospital setting, hopefully with veterans.” – Sam Kimmel , Friends School, Class of 2011; Carleton College, Class of 2015



“In ten years I want to be working for a company that incorporates international business with marketing, which would allow me to travel to many different parts of the world.” -Caroline Seats, Roland Park Country School, Class of 2011; Georgetown University, Class of 2015






“In 10 years, I’ll hopefully be completing my residency.” – Chinezi Ihenatu, Friends School, Class of 2011; Brown University, Class of 2015






In 10 years, if everything goes well with my current career plan, I’ll probably be out of medical school and doing my residency. I hope to complete my residency in Baltimore or Boston, but obviously I have no idea where I’ll end up, if I even do become a doctor. Preferably, I’d be living in Boston (and thus working in Boston) and enjoying what I do!  – Genie Han, Hereford High School, Class of 2011; Boston College, Class of 2015




“In ten years, I hope to be working as an Assistant United States Attorney.” – Justin Schuster, Gilman, Class of 2011; Yale, Class of 2015 




“In ten years, I will be living in the outskirts in Nashville working for a record label company. My southern gentlemen husband and I will have just been newly wed and we will be active in the music community. Hopefully, when we make enough money, we will travel to foreign countries and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.” – Sara Gillet, McDonogh, Class of 2011; University of Colorado at Boulder, Class of 2015

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