Remington is becoming the home of all things artisinal, handmade, and delicious. Case in point: The Baltimore Whiskey Company, a new distillery set to open very soon–basically, as soon as their permits get the ok from the city.

The distillery, which is located in the Broom Factory Building along the Jones Falls corridor, is helmed by Max Lents, a graduate of Goucher. They plan on centering their production on Maryland rye, a “decidedly sophisticated spirit” and one with a long history in the region. According to their website, there’s also gin, apple brandy, and ginger apple liqueur in the works.

According the BWC Facebook page, the stills have arrived and the distillery cat is well-settled in. Hopefully those permits will arrive in short order and we can all start enjoying some locally made craft spirits.

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  1. they have built a quality facility , have high standards , and it will be worth reserving some of their reserve.

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