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While almost every aspect of modern life has radically changed in the last century, schools have remained largely the same. In this innovation age, our future leaders need to have a modern approach to education. 

That’s what Chris Whittle set off to change. Whittle has a vision to reimagine education so that it prepares children for a fundamentally different world.

Whittle School & Studios is the first truly modern institution providing a global education for preK-12th grade with campuses in the world’s leading cities. It is a highly integrated global learning community with an international faculty that teaches a curriculum with experiential learning.

It will boast a diverse student body with day and boarding students through a network of schools, with the first schools opening in the Fall of 2019 in both Washington, D.C. and Shenzhen, China, and plans for more than 30 campuses across the globe in the world’s most vibrant cities. The 30 campuses will work collaboratively through constant exchanges and online activities, creating an organization linked to a new collective intelligence unlike any single-site institution in the world.

The team at Whittle School & Studios has considered everything — right down to the architecture and how the very environment in which students learn inspires the making, sharing, and learning in classrooms.

Each student will receive a global education as well as an educational experience personalized to each student’s needs and passions. Specifically, Whittle School & Studios offers a carefully developed, progressive curriculum rooted in interdisciplinary and experiential learning and an unequaled advising system to provide personalized and rigorous education.

“We believe the team and resources assembled here have a unique opportunity to achieve something extraordinary — a truly modern school that connects cultures worldwide,” said Benno Schmidt, co-chair of the Global Advisory Board, Whittle School & Studios, and the former president of Yale University.

Why is Whittle School & Studios important for Baltimore parents?

Whittle School & Studios offers five-day boarding. Boarding school is an extension of Whittle’s vision of the education re-imagined. The Washington, D.C. campus residential life program will teach healthy habits of mind and body in anticipation of college and “future life” and will situate students among diverse communities on each of its campuses. The five-day boarding option allows parents who work in the D.C. area to be nearer to their child during the work week, and it’s easy for students to return to Baltimore by car or train if boarding on campus. Boarding in D.C. gives students the opportunity to live at the epicenter of diplomacy without venturing far from home.

The Washington, D.C. campus will offer learning experiences throughout the city

Each week, the school will offer experiential learning programs on Expedition Day. Curated by the faculty, the day is reserved for work that cannot be contained by the regular schedule or within the walls of the school. Expedition Day alternates between an “inward” day, which focuses on personal growth and the school community, and an “outward” day, which sends students out into the city on fieldwork. Nowhere else in the U.S. can students engage with such a rich cross-section of government, diplomacy, museums, nonprofits, and more.

The Studios in the school’s name refers to an extension of Whittle’s curriculum beyond the school day and into the wider community. The studios are classes offered outside of traditional school hours that allow students to develop mastery while exploring their passions through experiential learning. Studios are open to all in the larger global community regardless of their status as a Whittle student.

Learn more about Whittle School & Studios at its Baltimore Global Boarding Event on Thursday, July 26 at 6 p.m. at Center Stage, 700 North Calvert Street. Meet members of the leadership team and learn about the residential life programs that will launch in 2019. RSVP here. 

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  1. Since this is spoon-fed sponsored content, and therefore presented uncritically, it might be worth mentioning that Chris Whittle was also behind the abhorrent Channel One “some education with ads!” invasion into our classrooms a few decades ago, as well as more recent for-profit schooling ventures. And that the expected tuition for the Whittle Schools will be something like $40,000/year. This seems more like a globalized breeding ground for the next generation of captains of industry than a utopian educational future. While the environment and curriculum seem forward-thinking and progressive, there appears to be no element of the design of these schools to address actual education inequality.

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