Why Not Spend the Night in a Lighthouse?

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If you’ve ever dreamed of being a sea captain, then do I have good news for you: There’s a nearly 200-year-old working lighthouse on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and you can spend the night there.

The Cove Point Lighthouse is the oldest continuously working lighthouse in the state located on one of the narrowest points in the Chesapeake Bay.

The Cove Point Lighthouse was selected by the Weather Channel as the most unique place to stay in the state of Maryland. (If you’re planning a road trip in the near future, check out the tree houses, alien pods, and converted jail cells on the rest of the list — plenty of them seem worth a detour.) Is it haunted? How could it not be?

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    • If you’re from Baltimore the Eastern Shore starts at Glen Burnie, if you are from Washington Metro, the Eastern Shore starts just after Bowie.

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