Sure, the night sky is beautiful, but can it compare to the music of the Beatles accompanied by an illustrative laser light show? You can find out for yourself this month at the Maryland Science Center’s Davis Planetarium as depictions of Orion and Cassiopeia make way for Laser Pink Floyd, Laser Metallica, Laser U2, Laser Beatles and others.

A “laser rock” planetarium show is a novel anachronism today: old-fashioned high-tech. It’s not as if we all have these machines in our house now, but is it more exciting than Avatar in 3-D? Maybe, but for parents it could offer a refreshing change from sometimes insufferable “family films.” You get an hour of listening to what may very well be some of your favorite music, while the kids are mesmerized by the brightly colored lasers. And at eight bucks a ticket it’s about the price of a movie and it’s something that certainly won’t look the same on your iPhone.