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MD Science Center brings in new digital IMAX projector, sound system

Courtesy Maryland Science Center/Twitter

When fans head to the Maryland Science Center this weekend to see “Captain Marvel,” they’ll get to experience every fight scene and action sequence with crisp digital visuals and a state-of-the-art sound system in the museum’s five-story IMAX Theater.

Hogan administration approves $6.4 million in grants for Hippodrome, Maryland Science Center and others

The inside of the Maryland Science Center. Photo by A. Currell, via Flickr.

From a new IMAX projection system for the Maryland Science Center to larger-than-life exhibits for kids to learn and play, state officials today signed off on more than $6 million in bond-funded grants to help some of Baltimore’s top downtown institutions with large-scale projects.

‘Dollar Days’ Return to Inner Harbor, Downtown for a Weekend Next Month

The National Aquarium. Photo by Kimberlyshorter, via Wikimedia Commons.

It’s that time of the year again to pack the National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center and other downtown attractions, thanks to some steep holiday discounts for one weekend.

Five Places Around Maryland to Watch Monday’s Rare Solar Eclipse

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

As we inch closer to the much-awaited solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, you might want to start considering where you’ll take it all in.

Maryland Science Center’s VP of Development to Take Over as CEO this Fall

Mark Potter. Photo via press handout.

A familiar face at the Maryland Science Center is being promoted to president and CEO of the Inner Harbor museum this fall.

Four Scientists, Engineers in Baltimore Recognized by Md. Academy of Sciences

Courtesy Maryland Science Center
Courtesy Maryland Science Center

Four of Baltimore’s brightest minds were honored for their innovative work last night in a ceremony at the Maryland Science Center in the Inner Harbor.

Celebrate Pi(e) Day at the Science Center



catch of the day fish (2)Everyone ready for the big March holiday coming up? No, we’re not talking about St. Patrick’s Day (though, yes, that’s fun too). We’re talking Pi(e) Day. Beloved by geometry nerds and pastry enthusiasts alike, Pi(e) Day occurs on March 14th each year—that’s 3/14, which is close enough to 3.14, which is the highly abbreviated version of the transcendental number, Pi. Pi is the number that we find anytime we’re trying to figure out the relationship between a circle’s circumference and diameter. And pie is what we get when we try to figure out the perfect relationship between fruit, butter, and flour. We’re just grateful that the Maryland Science Center had the good sense to bring the two together–on March 14th, of course–for some geometric, sugary indulgence.

The Science of Chocolate: Cocoa-ology



catch of the day fish (2)If you’re lucky, you’ll probably be eating your fair share of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. But what’s really going on underneath all that red foil wrapping? Find out the fun (and delicious) way at the Maryland Science Center’s special presentation on “cocoa-ology,” the latest in their adults-only lecture (and tasting) series.  The evening will be led by renowned chocolatier Larry McGlinchey, owner of Cacao Lorenzo Chocolatier. McGlinchey will present choice chocolate pairings with wines and liqueurs as well as a good dose of history and science facts to feed your intellect as well.

Backyard Science Days at the Science Museum


Science Days

catch of the day fish (2)The folks at the Maryland Science Center want you to know that, “Science can happen in a lab, science can happen in space and science can happen in your own backyard!” Of course, to find out how, you’ll need to leave your own backyard for just a minute and hop on down to see what the Science Center is cooking up. August 16th and 17th are the Maryland Science Center’s 9th annual Backyard Science Days this year. They’ll be full of animal encounters and hands-on activities. You can stomp on stomp rockets (what?), race vegetables, build a beetle habitat, make seed bombs and much more.The folks (and beasts) from Scales and Tales will be there all weekend as well featuring live birds of prey and reptiles.

Pub Science at Elliott’s Pour House Tonight


Pub Science

catch of the day fish (2)We love scientists. They’re basically heroes in lab coats. They cure disease, unleash renewable energy, and, you know, brew beer. Sure, it’s not exactly Hopkins-level research that goes into the science of the perfect pint (better to save those resources for slightly more important things) but still, we wouldn’t have beer (let alone a vast array of beers to choose from each day) without the hard work of some hard partying scientists back in the day. So this evening we’re encouraging you to raise a glass while learning a little something about what went into it. Head down to Elliott’s Pour House to learn (and taste) about the science behind beer.